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Reference Numbers

Commander—Inge Conley

Senior Vice Commander—

Junior Vice Commander—

Texas VFW State Headquarters
Main Number (512) 834-8535
Fax Number (512) 834-9232
Roy Grona State Adjutant/Quartermaster Ext. 102
Dan West State Assistant Adjutant Ext. 104
Carlos Sustatia State Assistant Quartermaster Ext. 105
State Administrative Assistant Ext. 106
Wyonda Laurence State Secretary Ext. 107

Texas VFW Foundation
Main Number (512) 291-6850 Fax (512) 834-9232
Beth Creasey Foundation Supervisor Ext. 200
Angel Ramirez Veteran Support Specialist Ext. 201
Veteran Support Specialist Ext. 202
Foundation Administrative Assistant Ext. 203

National Headquarters
406 West 34th Street
Kansas City, MO 6411
Kansas City Office (816) 756-3390
Washington D.C. Office (202) 543-2239