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17 July 2018 from District Commander John Shipley

We will be having our District Training 4 Aug starting at 0900.  The training will be held at Post 9174, 2410 Pinn Rd, San Antonio.  The post has said that they will have food for breakfast and lunch available for all attending training.
I have attached an agenda for the training which lists the subjects and the individuals giving the training.  If you have questions, please call me at 830-200-6211.
I will have a Planning Meeting after the training session for all District Officers and Post Commanders.  We will be setting the agenda for the 18 Aug District Meeting, so please attend.  I will keep it short and not keep you too long.
Look forward to seeing lots of Comrades at District Training.
John E. Shipley
District 20 Commander
See agenda below….


Saturday 30 June 2018 – From State Commander Eddie Torres

The Texas Veterans of Foreign Wars
have accomplished the membership mission!
We are 100 % !!!
Thank you Comrades
“United we are a TEAM”
Comrades forwarding this from our Past Department Commander Edward Torres.
Thank you to everyone in helping make our Department and our District 100% and All American.
Jose Duran
Past District 20
Our membership mission of having reached 100% within the Department of Texas VFW for 2017/2018 would not have been possible if it had not been for all your active recruiters doing what they do best…recruit, retain and reinstate!!!
Job well done by everyone…congratulations!
Lee Rivas, MSA
Department Membership Chair and
Commander, VFW Post 12171
District 20 2017-2018
Comrades and Sisters, I would congratulate all of the members of District 20’s VFW and Auxiliary. Our
District had an outstanding year and we achieved our Goal of 100% membership and will be an All
American District.
A few of the District’s accomplishments included having 5 VFW Posts making All State by the
Department Convention and maybe 2 or 3 more by the Officer Training in July.. It looks like we may
have 4 or 5 VFW Posts make All American.
The District had the Outstanding Quartermaster of the Year, The Outstanding Chaplain of the year, the
Outstanding Auxiliary Member of the year, and a member awarded the J.T. Rutherford Award.
Our District Had the Department’s State Teacher of the Year for middle school teachers and our District
had the National winner of the E. M. T. award.
I would like to thank all the Post Commanders for doing a great Job to finish out the year. I would like to
thank all the District Chairman who did a great job on the District programs and getting the entry’s to
Department in a timely manner.
Special thanks goes to the District Picnic Chairman Jose Rodriguez and to the Hospitality Room
Chairman Armando Gonzales both did a great job.
As Commander I could not have been effective without the help of our New District Commander John
Shipley or our new Sr. Vice Commander Rolando Webber.
I would also give a very special thank you to Larry Sanders who did double duty as the District’s and
Department Chief of Staff and helped me with a few challenges we had in the District.
To Belinda Torres, we had a great year, thank you for your support and input to help make our programs
more successful.
To Commander Torres our Department Commander and one of our Post Commanders, I know you had
your hands full. Thank you so much in helping our District make 100%, I will never forget what you did
for us.
Most of all, I thank my wife Beverly Duran who put up with me during this adventure. She has
tremendous experience and I depended on her to help out with the Auxiliaries as my liaison and pardoner.
I look forward to being the District’s VOD, PP, and Teacher Chairman this year.
Jose Duran
District 20 Commander, 2017-2018
This website will be updated soon….
From John Shipley, Incoming District Commander
District Calendar dates for next year…
Changes to District Calendar in Bold
Aug 4        District OTS/Planning Meeting – Post 9174
Aug 18      District Meeting – Post 2059
Nov 26      District Planning Meeting – Post 8936
Dec 2        District Meeting – Post 12162 (Pleasanton Civic Center)
Feb 18      District Planning Meeting – Post 9174
Feb 23      District Meeting – Post 8541
Mar 16     District Picnic – Comanche Park #3 (Tentative)
Apr 29      District Planning Meeting – Post 4853
May 4       District Convention – Post 7108
All Planning Meetings will start at 6:30 PM, except the one following the District OTS.
All District Meetings will start at 9:00 AM with a joint session and a VFW session at 10:00 AM.
District OTS will start at 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Picnic will start at 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM

VFW Mission Statement

 Department of Texas VFW District 20 is dedicated to our motto

 – We honor the dead by helping the living –

 We are committed to helping our fellow Comrades

We actively participate in the communities that surround our District and Post Homes.

 Why join the VFW? Because our strength comes from you.

Simply put, the VFW strives to do good things for deserving people;

particularly veterans, their families, and their communities.

From local grassroots ideas to national influence,

we work everyday to make a difference.

It’s our strength as an organization.

And, with each individual membership,

we only grow stronger.

25th ID VV


“Do it right the first time”

Jose Duran – District Commander – Texas VFW District 20