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Comrades, all of the District Commanders were asked to verify all VFW Posts in their Districts had a quorum present for each meeting. I know this seems hard to believe that a Post would have fewer that five members show up for a meeting, however, it is a fact there are Post in this state that have had to cancel a meeting because they did not have a quorum.  A Quorum is defined as five or more VFW members present for a meeting. This email is just a reminder that the Adjutant should record in every meeting’s minutes that a quorum is present.  This can be done by stating the number of Officers that were present and stating that there were X number of members also present.
Thank you
Jose Duran
District 20

Good afternoon Dan,
I just wanted to thank you for taking my call this morning. Our program has been helping military coming off active duty finish their education and get jobs in the Midwest in healthcare. We would like to get the word out in your area since your located closer to the largest medical facility. Please review my attached flyer and let me know if this is OK to send.

Thank you,

Laura Hanoski, Chief Executive & President
Heroes for Healthcare
c 262-853-7644
tf 866-456-3864