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Remember to Get Your Flu Shot!

It’s flu season again. This year, the Department of Veterans Affairs has made getting your flu shot easy. Enrolled Veteran patients can enjoy more options, easier access and seamless records, as the VA has partnered with retail pharmacies to offer Veterans their annual flu shot. These partnerships offer flexibility in time and location. Learn More.

Breast Cancer Awareness Infographic

Do You Know VA’s Plans for Detecting Breast Cancer?

VA recommends all women begin getting yearly mammograms by age 45, and every other year beginning at age 55. Women may also choose to start screening with yearly mammograms as early as age 40. If there is concern for risk factors, such as a family history of breast cancer, talk to a doctor about being tested earlier and more often. Check out this infographic to learn more.

My HealtheVet usage data

How Active is My HealtheVet?

This is a pretty busy website. Every quarter we share our numbers with you. Check out the data on Secure Messages sent, the amount of registered My HealtheVet users, the number of refills requested, and more —  on the updated My HealtheVet usage page. Learn More.

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October is Depression Awareness Month

Everyone occasionally feels blue or sad, but it passes. When a person has depression, it interferes with normal functioning and causes pain for friends and family. The good news is that depression, even the most severe cases, is a highly treatable disorder. You may be wondering if you have symptoms of depression. One way of determining that is to take this brief, confidential and anonymous screen. Learn More.