District 20 News

District 20 News

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April 7, 2018                                                                        March 25, 2018 at 11am

VFW Post 1533 Fiesta Bowling Tournament 7 April 2018        VFW Post 12162 Rifle Raffle


District 20 Meeting in Poth

District 20 Meeting Poth, Texas

Texas VFW District 20 facilitated a meeting for all Posts in the District sponsored by Wilson County Memorial VFW Post 8555 on February 17, 2018 starting at 9 A.M. The meeting design to informed and guild Commanders and members on the needs of the district and Department. Meeting started with a salute to the Flag followed by a prayer. Lunch and beverages were served after the conclusion of the event. District 20 Officers; Front (L to R) John Rodriquez/Officer of Day, Rolando S. Webber/Dist. 20 Jr. Vice Cmdr., Jon Lunkwicz/TX Dept. Representative, Jose Duran/Dist. 20 Commander, John Clark/Dist. 20 Trustee, Carlos Vela/Dist. 20 QM, Silvia Sanchez/Past State Cmdr., Edward Torres/State Cmdr. Rear (L to R) John Shipley/Sr. Vice Cmdr., Larry Sanders/Dist. 20 & State Chief of Staff, Jack Steel/Dist. Chaplain, Lee Rivas/Dist.20 Service Officer.

Girl Scout Unit 654 

Girl Scout Unit 654 selling cookies for a fundraiser at VFW Helotes Post 7108 on February 4, 2018. The VFW long tradition of Scouting support goes back over 100 years and individual Posts doing their part in these efforts is critical in teaching this young folks and future leaders Civic duties and Americanism. VFW Post 7108 supports three different Scout units.

Amount: $50 /Hours: 6 /Members: 4


VFW Post 7108 Vietnam Peace Accord 2018 Ceremony Pic1   VFW Post 7108 Vietnam Peace Accord 2018 Ceremony Pic2


VFW Helotes Post 7108 performed the Vietnam Peace Accord Ceremony on 19 January 2018 at 6 pm at the Post. A brief History of the early Vietnam war, the Peace Accord, the great work of our MASH Units (Doctors and Nurses) and a welcoming of Vietnam Veterans was highlighted by Commander Knowles Atchison. Ceremonial cake was served after the ceremony. Pictorial reference; (Front left to right) Yolanda Guajardo/Auxiliary Trustee, Jose Duran/TX District 20 Commander, Diane Amerault/Auxiliary President (Holding cake), Knowles Atchison/Post Commander, Gladys Portalatin/ Auxiliary Chaplain and Rafael Portalatin/Surgeon. Back (L to R) Gil Cadena/Past Post Commander, Margaret Cadena/Auxiliary Jr Vice President, John Maines/Asst. QM, Rolando S. Webber/Past Post Commander and Post /MG Unit 30 Member. Right photo; Post Commander Knowles Atchison.
Amount: $50 /Hours: 10 /Members: 10