Post Inspection Book

Texas VFW Department Headquarters has indicated they would like to have all of the Post’s Inspections books throughout the State to be uniform.  They have provided taps to be inserted into your inspection books.  I am attaching the Tabs to this email.
Please down load the tabs and save the files for future use.  Tab 1 and the cover insert will be handed out at the Training.  We will covers this more during the District training on Saturday August 5, 2017 at VFW Post 9174 located at 2410 Pinn Road, San Antonio, TX 78227.  The training will start at 9:00 am  we hope to be finished by 12:00 noon.  Those that want to stay to get additional help are welcome to stay after the training for individual questions and answers.
I hope to see all available Post officers at this training.  After this session, I don’t want to hear that no one training me or I didn’t know about that requirement.  If you don’t show up for the training, then you have only yourself to blame.
Jose Duran
VFW Texas District 20